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"Wine Madam, is God's next best gift to Man." - Ambrose Bierce

You know you want it. You're behind the wheel of the right car. Your dream house is a reality. Your life is full, busy, and rushed. But you do like a relaxing glass of wine, especially with friends and family. How wonderful it would be to have a personal cellar stocked with the wines you most enjoy!

Small Cellars™ understands. We also understand you don't want to spend a lifetime saving for it, designing it and waiting for it to be built. Our cellars are designed to accommodate your life, your schedule and your budget. You're in control, but we take the responsibility.

You choose the look and feel you want at the size and price range right for you. Whether it's in your new house, a vacation home or your existing residence, in less than 200 square feet, Small Cellars™ provides a finished wine cellar, built to order from your selections of wood, flooring, lighting and fixtures. Just days later, you're ready to pop the cork, pour and toast.

you deserve this

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