"Now everyone can enjoy the wine things in life."

about us

its about taste its about passion its about lifestyle

At Small Cellars™, we believe that wine tasting and collecting are more than just pastimes — they're passions. And passions deserve a special place in our lives. Our founder conceived Small Cellars™ because of his personal passion for wine. He observed the growing interest in wines throughout the country, volunteering in charity wine events, attending tastings and touring wineries. It was then that he realized many wine lovers, like himself, need and want a convenient, affordable and attractive place to collect and enjoy wine. With this in mind, Small Cellars™ was born.

Small Cellars™ is committed to creating personalized wine cellars for any home. All you have to do is make the commitment to take your passion to the next level and bring it to the place it was meant to be... where you are. Rest assured, you won't have to labor over this. After a few Simple Selections, construction begins, and in many cases by week's end, you'll be placing your bottles in rich, wooden racks.

In 200 square feet or less, the perfect cellar is created, prioritizing your desires with the specific requirements of your wines. Working with Small Cellars™ and our builder partners, we won't expand your home — we'll enhance it.

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